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Very Busy Labor Day Weekend! Christmas Just Around the Corner!

Lots of carving with a bit of pen turning sprinkled in this long weekend. I took a large ugly piece of walnut and carved out a 24" bowl, we are thinking we will pour soy wax and have it be an 8 wick candle. But, I will have to pour resin on the one side so the wax doesn't leak. The pictures show my process. Once I draw it out, I drill holes for the depth to be consistent as I carve. Then using my bandsaw set at 30 degrees I cut the outside. I drew out the handles and carved those. I think this bowl will be a beauty!

Christmas is just around the corner!!! I have already begun carving little Christmas trees and adding lights to make these fun trees that look great in an entryway or any area that needs a little Holiday Cheer. Finally, keep in mind that a handmade pen can make a wonderful gift or stocking stuffer. The one on the far right is combo of resin and peppertree wood. Had to go with the resin for the top part. The pepper tree wood top half split while I was turning it.

Little less than one month away from the craft fair I will be at on Oct. 1st!! Stay tuned to my site and blog for further info!!

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