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Welcome to JRM Woodcrafts

I love to carve wood. I love to create. I love to talk about carving and creating. That's why I created this site — to share my craft. I've had so much fun figuring what a piece of wood should be and then bringing it to life.

Creating flags allows me to not only share my patriotism but to also be creative. Each flag I create is different. Whether it's the wave of the flag or the type of wood used. However, I keep the actual proportions of the union and stripes exact. Because my father, my brother and I served our country, I will always be respectful of the flag. You'll never see burn marks on my flags or "created" flaws on my flag pieces.

I hope you'll come back and see my latest creations. If you have questions, or are interested in a piece, please don't hesitate to use the contact form at the bottom of the home page.

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